Is 40 too old to date? How old is too old?

Many men and women who are divorced or single in their 40's are terrified of re-joining mature dating scene.

My newly single friend Alison who's 40 says “"I can't go on a date. I'm 40!”, “I'll be single for ever”, this is what most newly single men and women think about re-entering a dating scene. As they have spent most of their lives in a marriage, they are afraid to speak with strangers, to have a casual flirt, they don't know how to start a conversation, or what to answer if someone will ask them something. These people are often lonely because most of their friends are married couples who have no idea what it is like to be divorced or be single at 40.

So I called my friend a psychologist and relationship counselor, who works with people over the age of 35-45 to help them to become confident and to find their place in the dating world.

Here is what she thinks about "I can't go on a date. I'm 40!" syndrome :

"Nonsense! 40 is the perfect age to start or re-enter a dating world.

I know many happy couples who have met each other in their 40 + and they say that they have never been happier than now even in their 20's.

The fact is there is no “Too old age” to date, to love, to feel passion, people who think like this are wrong, they just don't want to be happy and feel the joy of life.

For those of you who want to start a new relationship, to find a date I have a few simple advice:

  • Believe in Love!
  • Don't afraid to meet other people. Make an effort to overcome the fear and you'll see how many nice and friendly people there are.
  • Open yourself to the world. Don't wear desperation sign on your forehead, go out, talk to people, join community where you can meet other people of your age.
  • Be confident in yourself. It might sound funny but it really helps, look in the mirror and practice a few pick-up lines so that you feel more confident when talking to someone.
  • Be friendly and smile. People who have positive outlook attract other like-minded people. Try to smile every time you are around other people, make jokes.
  • Stay positive no matter what. Every one has a soulmate it's only a matter of time to meet your perfect match."
I agree with my friend, I know it from my own experience, if you genuinely believe in love you'll find it sooner or later. At 40 life isn't over, it's only a beginning of a new, exciting part of your life.

Here Some love quotes of famous people:

"Better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all."
                                                                              Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"We cease loving ourselves if no one loves us."
                                                                              Germaine de Stael

"Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life."
                                                                              Leo Buscaglia

Love and be loved at any age!

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Aimed at the increasing number of online scam and fraud, iDateAsia provides some advice for those men who are in Thai dating or Vietnamese dating.

Online Dating With Thailand And Beautiful Vietnam Brides

There are some free and paid sites for men to date girls from Thai and Vietnam. As to the former, it has the advantage that you don't need to pay money. However, it also has the biggest disadvantages---You may come across more dangers, scams and frauds on those sites. If you use a free dating site, you should twice of your attentions to avoid being cheated. There are single people who are cheated and there are people who take advantages of the feelings of single people and rip them off thousands of money. Therefore, no matter you are using free or paid dating sites, knowing some of the information and advice is good and helpful for you.

1 Select A Good Thai Or Vietnamese Site

A good site is a good sign of a successful date. If you really decide to find your life partner and soul mate through online dating. A good and trusted one is a must. Better choose a site which has been operated for many years and that has been helped a lot of people find true love. On the other hand, the single people from paid dating sites may be better. You can be assured to use them and their services. Moreover, before using a site, you should know that how the site accepts its members so that you can make sure that the information of the girl you want to date is real. In general, there are a full series of services from dating to marriage. After you have chosen a site, you can get to know their services.

2 Often Ask The Photos Of The Gorgeous Thai Women

Though you cannot do so in the first period of dating, you can ask for her recent photos after you have a rough understanding of her. If she always refuses to give you her photos, you should be careful. You should consider about giving up the relationship.

3 Use Live Video To Meet Vietnamese Girls

The online dating services are useful. To remove your doubt and to be assured when dating you can use the Live Video service, then you can meet her when chatting with her. In this way you not only see her face to face but also can go on dating happily without worrying.

4 Be Careful When Asked To Give Money

There are some people who ask for money for reasons such as health problems, family problems, or others. So be careful and don't be scammed. All in all, once you encounter this kind of thing, watch out unless you have known each other well and have met her.

Though there are some scams on some dating sites, we cannot conclude that there are scams on all the dating sites. After all, many people have found their happiness by means of online dating.In case you use a not very good site, knowing these information will help you. 

How do you Attract an Asian Woman if you're an Asian or Not? Trust me, its all the same. If you use the strategies and tips I'll give you below, it's gonna be cake. Take it from a guy who can get Asian women just like that.
Philippine Pretty Girl
1.Stay humble in the beginning. You may be a cocky guy, or heck if you're not Asian and you're naturally like that, hey it's okay. Women love alpha males in general. However, you might want to learn how to calibrate and tone down that cockiness in the beginning.

2.Always be busy and have cool activities around the clock. Asian Women love a busy man. It shows he's industrious and hard working. Again, this is something that falls into the archetype of what she is raised in. Her father was an industrious man, and when she sees you're always on the go, she will find it intriguing.

3.Befriend her beta-male guy friends. Most Asian women have Asian guy friends. Some might act tough, but really 80% of them are really not. Befriend them, show them that you can be a bro as well. Take your time to show her that you can be a good pal to her friends and/or family members.

4.Don't be Pushy or Overaggressive. Here's the thing. With women from other races, they actually like guys who are persistent. Asian women are like cats. You have to build intrigue and make them come to you. Don't be pushy, don't call all the time, and don't be touchy feel in the beginning. Be confident and relaxed when you're around them.

5.Be wary of public displays of affection. As an add on to the touchy feel thing, you don't want to assume that she'll be completely okay with PDA. When you flirt with her maybe a quick nudge or 0.8 second hug is okay, but that's all you want to do. Again, make HER touch you by being chill, relax, and fun.


Traditional Wedding &Happy Marriage
Dating Advice for Men Over 40

Dating rules for men never change, what changes is the way to approach partners. At 40, when you have been in a marriage with kids, obviously, your idea of love now must not be just teenage romance or only physical intimacy. If it is that then reconsider your dating plans. If it isn't like that, then this article will be useful to you.

Drop the Customary Dates
You don't need to go to a movie like teenagers on a date. Mind your age and prefer a location where, you can sit with your prospective partner and talk. It's more about sharing then enjoying in amusement park or watching a movie.

Listen to Her
This you can rate as the topmost and eternal dating rules. No matter you're at 20, 30, 40 or 50, you got to listen to a woman, if you want to make any sense of what she is trying to convey you. And I'm not referring to passive listening. I'm here talking about active listening with you participating in it completely. Your partner might also be divorced or must be planning to divorce (if she is not single, obviously), then talk all concerns you both have. Shower her with love and care. If you're single but she is divorced, ensure you're supportive to her and you're also willing to take care of her kids. In case, she is younger than you and still unmarried, she may want lots of surety from you that the marriage will work. She might want to know why you're single at 40. Be ready with honest and frank answers.

Keep the Spark Burning Within
You might be in love with her persona or her looks or everything about her. Compliment her in elegance and style. Yeah, women love original compliments. You can also advice her on wearing dresses that will make her appear more sexier. Moreover, if you show interest in physical appearance, she will certainly understand you're interested in her. Being a bit naughty in your dates works wonders. However, don't overdo it as your age might not allow you too much naughtiness!

Discuss Priorities
At 40, financial issues are very important. Ensure that you both are clear as to how you will move ahead and plan your life. Discussing these issues in your dates will help you to know each other properly. Don't do these in the first few dates but ensure that you discuss deep questions after you're comfortable with your partner.

Physical Intimacy Matters
At 40, men are said to go through a sort of emotional and physiological changes. The male andropause that occurs between 40 to 55 brings hosts of changes in a man's behavior and sexual patterns. It is said men at this age become more interested in younger women. OK, signs of male andropause though haven't been medically proved to a great extent, it's sure that things do change a bit at 40. However, regarding sex, the couple should be very open about their expectations. By proper talking, discussing and staying healthy, couples over 40 can keep the spark of physical intimacy burning.

Online dating, although is very popular requires patience and lot of time from your side before you begin the courtship phase so ensure that you have that much time to invest. No matter you're searching dating tips for men over 50 or over 40, you will find love for yourself, if you search properly and have patience.

Success Senior Dating
A first date is one of the most nerve-wracking aspects of dating at any age. If you are 50+ and just starting to date again after a few years or a few decades, however, the uncertainty about where to go, what to wear, and what to talk about can seem almost insurmountable.Before the first date, you wonder whether your date will like you, whether you’ll like him or her, and how much dating etiquette has changed since the last time you were out there.

While there are no absolutes when it comes to senior dating, there are a few tried and true strategies that may help calm your nerves and increase your chances for a successful first date:
  • One purpose of every first date is to decide whether you want a second one. With that in mind, plan a first date that encourages conversation and helps you get to know each other, and avoid activities like movies and plays that leave you sitting silently in the dark.

  • Tailor your first date to include a common interest, hobby, or shared value, which may help you establish an immediate connection around something that has meaning for both of you.

  • If you plan to have a meal on your first date, make it lunch and combine it with some fun activity so you have more things to talk about while you eat. Dinner sometimes implies more intimacy than you may be ready for on a first date, and having the whole date depend on two near-strangers sitting across from each other and making conversation can create a lot of pressure.

  • If the whole idea of senior dating makes you nervous, consider making your first date a group date with friends, or participating in a group activity such as a wine tasting or charity auction.

  • Be smart, be safe, and have an exit strategy. On most first dates you're going out with someone you don't know well, so stick to public places and tell someone you trust who you are meeting and where you will be. If you start to feel uneasy about the person you are with, then leave.

  • Don't put all your eggs in this first date basket. If the person doesn't turn out to be Prince (or Princess) Charming, so what? You met a new person, practiced your conversation skills, and learned more about what you want (and don't want) in a partner.

Whether you're 16 or 65, the best way to enjoy a first date is to keep an open mind, focus on the things you have in common, and make your primary goal to simply have a good time.

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Traditional Thai Wedding
Traditional Thai weddings are unique with many steps to follow.There are many different aspects to a traditional Thai wedding, but not all of these traditions are maintained today. Consequently, there can be many variations in the basic ceremony which can be as elaborate or as simple as the wedding couple (and their families) want to make it.

Thai Weddings : Morning Ceremony
Khan Maak Procession & Doors Ceremony/Gate Ceremony

The wedding starts early in the morning with the procession ceremony called 'Khan Maak Procession'.During this ceremony, the groom leads the guests and brings gifts and food to the bride's house.The procession is a lot of fun and is accompanied by musicians playing traditional long drums as the entourage dances its way to the bride’s house. When the groom’s family reach the bride’s home the way may be blocked by symbolic doors or gates.The groom can only pass through by giving them envelopes containing money or other gifts. He must pay more to enter through the doors.
Thai Weddings : Buddhist Ceremony
Following that, the 'Buddhist Wedding Ceremony' takes place.A number of monks - anywhere from 3 to 9 attend, with a senior monk leading the recitation of Pail chants that bless the union. This must take place in the morning, allowing the monks who cannot eat after midday, to partake of an offered meal, following. All are seated on the floor or a platform, and the setting is adorned with a Buddha image, an altar, fragrant flowers, candles and incense. The chants are followed by application of powdered incense to the foreheads of the bride and groom, a symbolic presentation of coiled string, and finally the pouring of water over the couple's hands, first by the village elder and then one by one, by all of the guests.
thai wedding
Thai Beautiful Girl
Thai Wedding : Evening Party
After completing all the wedding customs in the morning, the wedding party is held in the evening of the same day. The wedding reception or party often starts around 6.pm. with the bride and bridegroom greeting guests as they arrive.For couples living in urban areas, the party normally takes place at big hotels and restaurants and is often an expensive affair. However, for couples from rural areas, the party is held at their own house.

Thai Wedding : Evening Ceremony
In ancient times a wedding chamber ceremony followed the party, when a married elderly couple would prepare the wedding bed and place on it a plate with offerings of food symbolizing fertility, while other token symbols of good luck and prosperity were placed in the room. Meanwhile a silver and a golden barrier were created outside the room by the guests, through which the couple passed before proceeding to the wedding chamber, where they were advised by their elders of their future responsibilities, and had their union blessed. The guests then retire leaving the couple alone.

Before the wedding ceremony, the groom needs to visit the bride's home to talk about the money and gifts to be given to her family. Many male foreigners think this is not fair; they find it strange that money and precious gifts should be given to the bride's family. what might be called a dowry is paid by the groom to the bride’s family.However, this is a Thai tradition. It is the groom's way of thanking the family of his future wife for letting him marry her; it is his way of assuring them that he will take good care of her.If your girlfriend is a Thai girl, this is an issue you may have to come to terms with.

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Philippine Beauty
Do you fancy hot Asian girls? Want to hang out with these hot chicks? Why not try online dating services? The odds of finding your Asian love online are a lot better than you may think. The world of internet or online dating has exploded over the last few years. As current life becomes busier and busier, more single Asian women sign up in the Asian dating sites to find their soul mates. Therefore, instead of wasting so much time and money on one-night romance with Asian bar girls or those hot chicks met in the clubs, why not go to a Thai dating site to develop a settled relationship with Asian beauty?

1) There is a wide range of single Asian women to choose from online Asian personals. You are not limited to the hot Asian females in your social circle, community or work environment any more. There are more than thousands of Thai ladies, Vietnamese girls, Philippine women and Chinese women out there waiting for your love.

2) You have a better chance to present yourself in a favorable way. This is especially useful for those of us who are shy. We have time to think about how we want to say things about ourselves and can avoid being tongue tied. Even those who are more extroverted can take time to reflect on who they really are before writing their online profile.

3) Avoid first date awkwardness.You have the opportunity to get to know a lot about an Asian woman before you ever contact her for the first time. You will know her age, height/weight, marital status, what city he lives in, whether he has children, what she likes and dislikes all that from her profile. In addition, some photos and self description posted in her profile also reveal what kind of person she is in daily life. Then you can decide whether to date her or not.

4) Online dating is certainly a time and money saver. You can meet so many more women in a lot less time than you ever could out in the real world. You can read hundreds of profiles and look at the beautiful Asian girl photos that go with them before you decide who to date. You only cost a small monthly fee to date an Asian girl, which might be cheaper than a movie & dinner date!

So why not find an Asian girlfriend via online dating sites?

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                                         What is White Day?
We all know about Valentine's Day; it's the day where you pass out chocolate, give out cards, and show affection. But have you heard of White Day? White Day is a romantic holiday celebrated in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. The holiday falls on March 14, one month exactly after Valentine’s Day. Tradition in these countries holds that women are supposed to give men romantic gifts on Valentine’s Day, while men are supposed to return the favor on White Day. In other words, you can call it an "answer day."

Gift for White Day
    How to Select the Right Gift for White Day
1.Make sure it is something pretty, it does not have to be amazing gift, it could just be White roses. 
2.Make it something that touches the heart, nothing like Laptops or Phones, that is not a White day Present. 
3.A gift that should always be given is White and Dark chocolate, loads of people like to send this one white day, and when they do not have enough money.
4.Buy objects that can be carried around, like small charms, these are really cute, something that can bring somebody luck.
5.This should also be a relaxing day, so keep it simple and don't make too much fuss, and don't work too hard this could be things like cleaning the house.
6.Don't copy other gifts, because your not making it your own.
7.Stuff such as photo Frames, flowers, charms, jewelry and much more is some ideas you could buy.
8.When gifting gifts, don't look angry or grumpy, smile, look like your happy to give away something for another person.
9.Don't gift a present, if you don't like somebody, White day is about giving other things to people you love.

     How to Celebrate White Day
  • 1.List the people who gave you gift(s) on Valentine's Day. 
  • 2.Know the basics of the sweets. (eg.
White chocolate: "Let's be friends."
Chocolate candy: "I like you."
Chocolate cookies: "I love you.")
  • 3.Return giri choco with a giri type of gift.
  • 4.Decide on what to give back for honmei choco.  
  • 5.Go on a date with your significant other. 
Celebrate White Day
  1. Surveys show that women enjoy receiving flowers and a card on White Day, so make sure to at least give these, especially when returning honmei choco!
  2. Remember: it's not about the gift you give, but the act of giving is the most important. Therefore you do not need to spend tens of thousands of dollars for gifts, but just add some meaningful thought into it.
  3. Traditionally, white chocolate and marshmallows were often given. You can include these as your gift(s).
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Don't give the wrong idea by giving someone something much too valuable if you don't feel the same way back. Just purchase something nice with a small note.
Happy Women's Day
The history of International Women’s Day is over 100 years. 100 years ago, on this day, women in New York organized a demonstration and did their best to fight for equality rights with men. They had sacrificed a lot even their precious lives. To memorize what they did, in the December of 1977, the UN announced that March the 8th every year would be the Women’s Day. This is the origin of International Women’s Day.

    Every year, March the 8th is an important date for women, for gentlemen, this is a good opportunity to show your love to your beloved one on this day. Valentine’s Day is for both of you to send gifts to each other but this is the day just for women. 

There are several ways you can celebrate your favorite girls on idateasia.com.

Celebration Fruit & Flower Basket
Celebrate your lady’s healthy lifestyle and beautiful outlook on life this International Women’s Day with the Celebration Basket! Brimming with delicious fresh fruit which may include items such as oranges, apples, bananas and kiwis highlighted with a beautiful tulip bouquet, this gift will let your woman know just how valued she is by you.

Beautiful Day Gift Set
Recognize the loveliness of your International Woman with the Beautiful Day Gift Set. Her day will be brightened with a gorgeous tulip bouquet and a mini cosmetic set which may include items such as mascara, eye shadow and lip gloss chosen in shades which perfectly compliment the lady’s complexion. This gift is sure to help your lady have a "Beautiful Day" on International Women’s Day!
Happy Women’s Day!
Senior dating is complicated and there are many things that need to be known about it. Here is what is vital and what has to be considered at all times!

Online Senior Dating Basics

Internet dating is highly similar to real life dating. You just need to take a look at the many profiles that exist until one that you like appears. The big advantage is that you can do this right from home. The problem is that the online dating world is quite intimidating for seniors. However, if you have a little patience, you will get over all problems and you will most likely find your soul mate.

Choosing The Best Senior Dating Site

There are hundreds of senior dating websites that you can join. You need to only consider registering with those that are right for you. Always take a look at find print and keep in mind that paid membership dating sites will always offer a much better experience. Never commit to a long term since you never know when you find your soul mate and it would be useless to continue your membership if you did.

Your Online Profile

It is important that you take the time to create a very good online profile that would highlight your personality and lifestyle. Consider this profile as being an advertisement that will describe who you are and exactly who you are currently looking for. Your online profile has to be unique and include recent pictures that are completely accurate and flattering at the same time. Keep in mind that the final goal is going on a real life date so why lie in your profile?

Online Chatting

All online relationships will start with a private message that you either receive or send. When you see a profile that is highly interesting for you, just send a message so that a connection is established. Never use ambiguous or short phrases and highlight that parts of the person’s profile that were attractive for you.

Online Senior Dating Safety

Unfortunately, there are some people and site owners that will want to take advantage of the senior’s wish to find a soul mate. The internet, just like real-life, is filled with risky neighborhoods that have to be avoided. In our case we are referring to sites that are not honest. Always avoid those sites that have claims that are too good. When you meet a person for the first time, make sure that it is in a public place and only arrange private meetings after you are sure that the other person wants what you want.

Being Truthful

One of the biggest mistakes that you could do is lie in your online profile. Never pretend that you are something you are not as this would only lead towards disappointment. For instance, if you are a sedentary person, acknowledge that and do not try to make others believe that you are active.

Celebrate Valentine's Day 2013 and vote for the Valentine girls on iDateAsia.com
The Valentine's Day is coming. For some this may be nothing more than a Hallmark Holiday,when cards are exchanged but for most of us this is perhaps the most romantic day of the year. Every lover ensures to surprise his/her partner with something special on Valentine's Day.

Why is Valentine's Day celebrated ?
Saint Valentine's Day is known as Valentine's Day and it is celebrated on the 14th of February each year across the world. Initially this day was celebrated in western countries but with globalization, this day is being widely celebrated worldwide between youngsters basically. The celebration of this day is simple and straight. In this day people meet their friends and sometimes meet the special friend out of the group. The day is counted as auspicious and romantic because on this day, we pay our sincere respect and concern for our most favorite persons and adore them as our Valentines.

Romantic SMS for Your Gorgeous Asian Girls on Valentine's Day
There are 3 steps to happy happiness, 1 you, 2 me, 3 our hearts 4 eternity!
There are two reasons why I wake up in the morning: my alarm clock and you.
Love can be expressed in many ways. One way I know is to send it across the distance to the person who is reading this.
Simply said,  I love you.
In fact, you use them in your daily life. Make every day a Valentine's Day!! Hope you enjoy a sweet Valentine's Day with your Asian girl.