What is White Day?
We all know about Valentine's Day; it's the day where you pass out chocolate, give out cards, and show affection. But have you heard of White Day? White Day is a romantic holiday celebrated in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. The holiday falls on March 14, one month exactly after Valentine’s Day. Tradition in these countries holds that women are supposed to give men romantic gifts on Valentine’s Day, while men are supposed to return the favor on White Day. In other words, you can call it an "answer day."

Gift for White Day
    How to Select the Right Gift for White Day
1.Make sure it is something pretty, it does not have to be amazing gift, it could just be White roses. 
2.Make it something that touches the heart, nothing like Laptops or Phones, that is not a White day Present. 
3.A gift that should always be given is White and Dark chocolate, loads of people like to send this one white day, and when they do not have enough money.
4.Buy objects that can be carried around, like small charms, these are really cute, something that can bring somebody luck.
5.This should also be a relaxing day, so keep it simple and don't make too much fuss, and don't work too hard this could be things like cleaning the house.
6.Don't copy other gifts, because your not making it your own.
7.Stuff such as photo Frames, flowers, charms, jewelry and much more is some ideas you could buy.
8.When gifting gifts, don't look angry or grumpy, smile, look like your happy to give away something for another person.
9.Don't gift a present, if you don't like somebody, White day is about giving other things to people you love.

     How to Celebrate White Day
  • 1.List the people who gave you gift(s) on Valentine's Day. 
  • 2.Know the basics of the sweets. (eg.
White chocolate: "Let's be friends."
Chocolate candy: "I like you."
Chocolate cookies: "I love you.")
  • 3.Return giri choco with a giri type of gift.
  • 4.Decide on what to give back for honmei choco.  
  • 5.Go on a date with your significant other. 
Celebrate White Day
  1. Surveys show that women enjoy receiving flowers and a card on White Day, so make sure to at least give these, especially when returning honmei choco!
  2. Remember: it's not about the gift you give, but the act of giving is the most important. Therefore you do not need to spend tens of thousands of dollars for gifts, but just add some meaningful thought into it.
  3. Traditionally, white chocolate and marshmallows were often given. You can include these as your gift(s).
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Don't give the wrong idea by giving someone something much too valuable if you don't feel the same way back. Just purchase something nice with a small note.