(1) achievement in loneliness

Unless necessary, Capricorn does not take the initiative with people. Even met again many times, if one party does not take the initiative to go to know the other party, it will never be friends.

Capricorn wish have a understand their own people, but more afraid of be others see through. No matter how good a friend, there is a distance. For fear of hurting each other and known tragedy will happen again. Want to maintain a friendship for a long time, seems to be more need just the right distance.

As if born, sorrow, loneliness, strong, is their own proposition, and never want to weak, in due time to stand back, still stubbornly with his way of life alive.

Life, enrich the self is more important than work, and work is more important than the so-called love again. So even if my heart that a bit acid was how profound, also can because of life and left them, and let go. Because do not give up love for the sake of survival of the self.

Capricorn, one lonely star sign, tasting the life in solitude, achievement.

(2) when you encounter the Capricorn

To know a friend, because belong to you, actually it is nice to talk to.

Further contact, afraid: in astonishment looking at each other, like yourself, another like a look in the mirror. Although the contact is not much, but each other treat people's attitude, heart way of psychological activity, the principle of doing things and advantages of the character shortcomings, don't ask, needless to say, I had clearly.

Look a like his own man, I don't know the shock or surprise, don't know this happy or sad... Always think everyone is unique, unique, however, only to see a familiar and strange yourself...

Capricorn's whole life in reading other people's inner world, and to be able to read the Capricorn heart, probably throughout his life, touch less than a.

Impossible, only you can understand the Capricorn. Capricorn men with Capricorn woman is said to fall in love, as if it were, to fall in love with your each other and they have the same temper, the advantages and disadvantages of the same, as in, to fall in love with his own twins are only different gender.

Capricorn and Capricorn to fall in love, it is the combination of the most dramatic, often be angry to death, but there is "call names scold to yourself", but also the most boring combination - a than a boring, incredibly can enjoy their own! Very interesting.

(3) who is the director at the back

Always think oneself is conform to their own inner life in this world, is his own performances in this world, he is a director. Unexpectedly, the director behind the god is, by its arrangement was born at this time, so we are the same.

So, we are just on behalf of god in this world, we just like zhou, is a actor... Play maybe are scheduled in advance...

Such life, is for the sake of what? God let me show the good, so I am good, if god let me show the evil, I'm afraid I don't have to. Then who am I? From the body to the soul, is god, but why did it make us so desperately pursue spirit?

The pursuit of the spirit of Capricorn, but in the form of material, exist in this world, this is the biggest embarrassment they survive...... Capricorn inferiority, just like human's original sin, is impossible to eliminate, so you will always feel inferior...

Capricorn a lifetime of effort, is struggling with the inherent inferiority. Capricorn efforts and efforts, finally found that this is an immutable fact.

(4) the metamorphosis of thoroughly remould oneself

Small Capricorn is a hedgehog, even if someone is very good to her, she will still make them hurt - unintentionally, but it will hurt people to protect themselves. However, when the little Capricorn grew up, she began to fade away, because it hurt others, read others' pain, so the growth of Capricorn, won't hurt others.

Capricorn girl is very naive, for everything is full of fantasy, as a child what all want to look on the bright place. Capricorn girl in the world is a perfect world. Then Capricorn girl grow up slowly, slowly, all the ugly things. Innocence is still a Capricorn girl's nature. Always look at the bright side of anyone, even if has already been hurt.

Good, bad, the beautiful ugly, all everything is in the eye. But because there is no thorn, is not a hedgehog, so can't avoid being hurt. But strong Capricorn in appearance is look not to come out injured.

Only oneself know, fade away the appearance of hidden in the heart, her heart in the cry, in the blood, but can understand others harm to her, so Capricorn is not revenge.

To encounter setbacks may be hard, but it will avoid a similar fate; Perhaps a lifetime does not forget to encounter pain, but it will be positive to face life. In growth course, experienced a bloated, social change in temperature and hope again and again burst in the treacherous and suffering of humanity, still believe there are good.

(5) stick to the ideal and the pure land

Capricorn's metamorphosis is painful and lengthy process, from lovers, friends, and even loved ones for the disintegration of betrayal. And strange is, even after so much pain and betrayal, very few Capricorn extremes. On the contrary, Capricorn is very big degree of maturity.

When Capricorn girl complete metamorphosis, Capricorn woman's heart is the hardest thing in the world. Having seen too many things, too much. So, a lot of things are indifferent.

This age, the bigger the detachment. Because of the ideal, for still keep a pure heart. Comes from within the lofty aloof pure, let the Capricorn woman in the world.

The Capricorn woman is a group of the first out of the ivory tower, but the stubborn heart lock in the ivory tower, see society see the human nature, very early in secular render themselves, but in a corner of the heart, stubborn leave a piece of pure land. Even if countless injury, see all secular, ugly, still believe that good, believe in the future.

Always believe that good existence, so to keep your heart in the wild world. Capricorn always naive, Capricorn is always perfect in the world, only you have been unable to enter the world of perfect innocence of Capricorn.

The world so Capricorn is very clean, very quiet, because you heart is very big, people seldom in Capricorn heart. The Capricorn woman reason of looking at the world, naive fantasizing about the future, treat things calmly, persistent believe true love.

(6) the silence of the lambs

Most of the time, Capricorn is silent. All see in the eye, er. Silence is the best attitude.

The characteristics of Capricorn is the ability to see through the essence of others, although can say nothing, but everything in the heart, so that a sense of security. The inner feelings hidden in the heart.

Capricorn is never grow up to a certain stage, Capricorn always continue to grow over time, has always been in the growing, is only a little small details, small things, can let her think, and grow with.

Who is the characteristic of Capricorn. The most afraid of other people think they are not perfect, but in fact she is his most severe critics, don't pardon for his own fault.

For other people's fault, but always to look for another reason. Others may be wrong, but they may also not much sense. Blame others at the same time, will be looking for his own fault. Because you will see the pros and cons of things.

The Capricorn woman very tolerant, in treat people doing things, you know the word of a step back broad sky. In the emotion, take back, blindly concession results, is to let each other know taste food pulp.

The Capricorn woman is very rational and sane. The Capricorn woman can peacefully to look at, the things around him, it seems that she is indifferent to others, but it is a transcendental state of mind, is a kind of detachment of beyond his age level.

From "leftover women" into a "virgin"

(7) the fragile heart

Looks cool the Capricorn woman, the heart also has ups and downs, but she is more willing to put the feelings buried in the bottom of my heart, read a person lick. So for anyone, she still choose to trust from the beginning.

But in the heart still have a sense of alienation that protect Capricorn will not because the fight instead, and betrayed by the one you trust, or even betrayed, also won't hurt so bad.

Capricorn used to hide in a hard shell, head out carefully, once aware of the danger, they quickly back shell. Perhaps is such evasive, forever locked in their own world, used to protect themselves.

When faced with a very good friend, Capricorn very carefully, not too deep. When found this friend is really good, keep a proper distance, lest they hid in the in the mind of the thorn, will hurt their friends when in ecstasy. Capricorn is afraid of hurting, so use a layer of cold appearance to protect themselves.

Capricorn heart is wrapped in the appearance of stubborn, a soft, fragile and vulnerable, seems to be crispy ice cream, look so hard, brittle, inner is so delicate. Capricorn seem so strong, however, a solitary.

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