Modern technology has made a big impact in the lifestyle of human beings and that includes finding a partner. Before, people go out and went to various places where they can find someone to talk to and even proceed to a deeper relationship. Nowadays, finding friends and someone to love can be done in the World Wide Web. However, these activities are not exempted to be subject for different crimes like fraud, scams, and even sexual assault. Individual who wish to participate should be cautious enough and practice safe online dating.

Online dating sites require you to sign up their registration before you can avail their services. Some of them require payment but most of them are for free. When you join a dating site, just give least details about you. By this you can protect yourself from crimes like identity theft. Never provide your full name, contact number, address, or workplace upon registration. There are sites that give access to anybody to view your profile thus you can be a favorite subject by stalkers. As much as possible use a new email address and you can have one for free. This will protect your personal email account from receiving unsolicited email messages that are usually tagged as spam.

When you are currently exchanging emails, chats, or any sort of conversation to a person that interests you, ask for recent pictures. Through these photographs, you'll be able to assess whether the person describes himself or herself properly. You may also save few pictures in your computer so that if something goes wrong along the way then the authorities will have a lead on their investigation. If the person claims to be a professional, then you may request to see his or her diploma to confirm the legitimacy of his or her claim. Of course, your requests should be in a nice and tactful manner. You don't want to look like a person with too much suspicion.

As your conversations flow smoothly and decided to meet in person, you should proceed with extreme caution. Although meeting up is the best way to know the person well, still you are risking yourself unto another level. But if you are pretty confident with that person safeguard yourself at all times. Meet in a public place and if possible, choose a place that you are very familiar with. Do not allow to be picked up at your house or workplace. Inform a friend about your meeting and it is much better if you can pick one to go along with you. If you are going alone, allow your friend to call you on a specific time to check that everything is alright and you can even use it as your exit if you do not like your initial personal interaction. Above anything else, trust your instinct. If you feel uneasy about it, abort your meeting but inform the other person in a timely manner.

If your New Year’s resolution is to date more, you’re not alone. Here are ten get-a-date strategies for 2013. Good luck!

1. iDateAsia. You’re already here, right? Online dating has long lost its stigma. Be intentional about finding love in 2013 and let technology play a role in setting you up with Mr. or Mrs. Right.

2. Get involved. Staying at home on a Friday night will not score you a date. Instead, volunteer your time with causes you care about. Join a community choir or sports league. Volunteer with your church. Sign up to serve dinner at a local soup kitchen. You’ll feel great about giving back, plus you’re likely to meet new people and learn plenty about yourself in the process.

3. Try something new. If you’ve always wanted to take cooking classes, now’s the time. Look back at other resolutions and bucket-list items and decide to take action and try new things. You’ll be forced into new social circles — and meeting new people is half the battle, right?

4. Ask for a setup. If you want to go on dates, let your friends know. Friend-of-a-friend setups make for the best blind dates as someone has done some preliminary screening for you. If your best friend thinks you’d get along great with her boyfriend’s cousin, let her play matchmaker for you. Be sure to invite her to the wedding.

5. Head to singles’ events. There are events held in almost every city designed to help singles meet each other. Sign up and go. Not only will you likely meet new friends, your very presence says that you’re single and are willing to be intentional about meeting someone special.

6. Say yes. Don’t put pressure on first dates or overanalyze a potential date before it happens. Dating is easier when you relax and enjoy the process. If it’s your New Year’s resolution to go on more dates, then revel in meeting that goal with every date you schedule. Don’t expect each date to lead to love, and don’t say no to a date just because you’re not sure if you want to marry them. A first date is not a contract.

7. Love yourself. It’s cliche but true. Self confidence is attractive.

8. Ask someone out. The best way to get a date is to ask someone out. Sure, it’s terrifying, but if you push aside that fear of rejection and take a risk or two this year, you just might end up spending an evening with the love of your life.

9. Say yes to social events. Don’t know anyone else who’s going to your coworker’s wedding this July? Great. Put on a dress (or a suit), stand tall, and smile — and say yes to that invitation to dance. Treat each social engagement as an opportunity to meet new people.

10. Be approachable. Look strangers in the eye and smile. Engage in friendly banter and even dare to flirt a little. The best way to get a date is to appear dateable, so don’t shy away from opportunities to interact with other singles.

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