(8) strong enough heartbreak
Capricorn never get out alive, she never thought to depend on who is going to return anything, she chose to live on their own, what with the strength to fight for, to work on.

Capricorn diligent and practical, traditional and conservative, perseverance, extraordinary perseverance in adversity, and access to the final victory. So so hard, but still has not changed. Still persist.

Stick to what? Adhere to self, adhere to find their own survival value. Stick to their original dream.

Difficult to pursue the ideal of making Capricorn morale that life is meaningful. Do not allow ourselves to blindly follow an ideal second-rate. Often because of everything too seriously, while ignoring the spice of life.

Usually only sure thing, no Kazunari odds, at least 80%, would the plunge. Whether for love or for work, as long identified, they will strive to adhere to.

No one can affect the heart feeling. Strong enough heartbreak.

Life is like a play, the difference is, the crowd of spectators can see the full human drama, strong, soft-hearted, hesitant, flawless, but nothing carry a person, so for her strong and heartache. Unfortunately, life is a flat, as the human drama, so other people can only see one side, but unfortunately, always see the strong side.

Friends see is steady, generous, and even easier to compromise on one side; lover sees perhaps maybe unapproachable cold outside, or compromise everything, sacrifice everything for love; parents to see is a good boy motivated, maybe mixed with some wayward, blindly forward, blindly persistent. Because strong, it is not always soothing Capricorn.

( 9 ) silent silently waiting

Some people say that women are not to understand, but be sure to love her. But for Capricorn women , only know her, she will win the respect and affection .

Capricorn is not chase girls , because she loves you , then you do not need to be so hard ; But if she does not love you, you will not get exhausted the means to her, she would give you dislike .

Identified only by their own people betrayed , will hurt, but might betray their own people , Capricorn is not going to let that person into his heart. Therefore, for the love of Capricorn will not hurt .

Therefore, those who do not know us, no matter how good, is not worth the miss . The reason to leave , it is because they do not understand. Those people away from us , not memorable , because if he really knows you well, how willing to leave ?

The heart is a Capricorn and Choi , they kept the heart jade, with mediocre cover . Missed the people only see the outside rough, when the waste discarded. Only until one has enough patience and courage of the people , with firm sincerity, cut Capricorn 's heart , you will find actually so amazing , so far , never betray.

( 10 ) reject vulgar

For romance, Capricorn woman insulation. Romantic to impress with Capricorn woman heart ? Possible? Never !

Want to use the money to campaign ? First Capricorn women earn more than talk . Money at home ? So what , dude , lazy , Capricorn woman only contempt . Capricorn women have been able to become a Capricorn woman , must have independent economic base. Silver hit , it must be counterproductive.

With sincerity ? It also depends on the Capricorn women who want to do this heart up . Touched never become the basis of love .

Capricorn woman competent, capable woman is talented , heavy career, Gu . She could not bear dull life , but do not want to do themselves in society an ordinary person . Because she would never give up a happy marriage life career and work , because that is her achieve the ideal, the only way to achieve self-worth .

However, she is by no means have celibate thoughts. She also longing for love , the desire to have a warm family . Just love her more rational , more stride , not casually .

Capricorn is too mature to protect themselves , and too understand humanity. If you feel you are in Capricorn benefit the body , it is because Capricorn for once and for all , to give you sesame and get rid of this burden you . If you're too cheap to get him in Capricorn , you should think about what you are missing .

( 11 ) from "left women " into a " Saint"

Young female fantasy Capricorn , love is very persistent. Capricorn on love, from hope to despair , from despair to chilling.

Older Capricorn woman , no matter what experience , are difficult relented. Do not ask me why indifferent, because I am a Capricorn woman .

Happiness is too slim, its fight for this ethereal thing , not as much effort in their work a little . While working , but it can bring love and happiness can not bring a sense of accomplishment . Or, at least , the work I was able to grasp.

Some people say that happiness is not given by others , happiness is to strive for . Capricorn woman will tell you that people can not come together and intimate , but not me, I do not . Results , Capricorn Capricorn woman becomes a woman .

Capricorn woman is very strong. No self-motivated , no. Contempt from the heart . Men can not weaker than me . However , such a man, able to accept so strong and independent woman?

Once in the side of a vertical wall , but in my heart to open the door ; And now , slowly torn down the wall , and my heart 's doors are closed . Alienation , alienation blindly , but this alienation from the outside , penetrate my heart .

So Capricorn woman put herself into a "left women ", and then gets himself into a " saint " ...... in the end, found guarding myself better . So step by step into a Capricorn woman .

In the end, guarding their own ...... Capricorn Capricorn woman , always use the least romantic way to express their romance.

( 12 ) alone to enjoy the solitude

Capricorn lonely lonely than others see , originally is like to be alone , which is lonely? Mount woman alone, in the midst of the crowd , but could not find one who can see their heart .

Capricorn woman alone, is to shut himself into the heart , but in the heart of looking up to heaven. Capricorn women in lonely find calm, in the lonely looking soul mate .

Capricorn women are not afraid of loneliness , sometimes enjoy solitude . Zaikuzailei carrying their own . Has not regretted it . Capricorn always stubbornly stick to their lifestyle. More intolerable surrounded himself into a family , men, kids turn woman.

Capricorn women fear is the thought would not alone, and the result was more lonely . When a person is indeed very lonely . But if you do not know how , and a people together , it will be more painful . Want to hear from Capricorn sweet , it seems more difficult , Capricorn concern for people , not lip service , but in my heart, a little bit of concern with action going .

Capricorn qualities is good, but too many things inherent bear . Over time, age, precipitated mind slowly clear cloud ......

Only through spiritual practice, will put themselves buried valued lower , is not to suppress my heart, will slowly looked up at the sky , watching clouds , learn to enjoy the moment and enjoy life .

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